1987 r. Born in Jasło
Master of Art  2013 r. WSUR
Master of Graphic 2017 r.  ASP Kraków
CEO Kwiaty Paproci

Art and science should unite in a forceful network of mutual inspiration on the path to resolving issues of existence, which are becoming increasingly complex in times of transhumanism.

Were I to seek the divine in the human, I would seek it in intuition. I am concerned with exploring illuminations, premonitions, epiphanies and visions. I study rituals of assorted cultures, common tendencies and symbols at the foundation of every social system, tribes to transcontinental civilisations. I tell stories of fundamental themes associated with human nature, combining knowledge of religious sciences, depth psychology and art. I will take you by the hand and lead you into a world of archetypes, symbols, and interpersonal sensations. To me, art bases on religious, cognitive, transforming and aesthetic dimensions.

My objective is to manage global science-and-art projects, and collaborate with eminent cultural institutions and scientific research facilities worldwide.

I am driven by an unsatisfied curiosity of discovering the mystery of life.


– ’Deeper and deeper’ Prizma, Lisbon 2022
– ’Illusion fields’ Ufo Art Gallery, Cracow 2022
– ’Who is the dreamer’ Flowers of fern, Berlin 2021
– ’Enlightnment’ Ufo Art Gallery, Cracow 2021
– ’Falling Wall’ Hotel Cracovia, Cracow 2021
– ’Hydepark’ Notional Museum of Cracow 2020
– ’From trace to symbol’ Solvay Gallery, Cracow 2020
– ’Unknown ? ? ?’ UFO Art Gallery, Cracow 2020
– ’Zen’ UFO Art Gallery, Cracow 2020
– ’?’ Art Zona, Cracow 2019
– ’Physion codes’ Szyb Willson Gallery, Katowice 2016
– ’Open 27’ New Walk Muzeum, Leicester 2016
– ’Flesh’ Especialgallery, London 2015
– ’13 Friday’ Art. Zona, Cracow 2015
– ’Hunch’ Solvay Gallery, Cracow 2014
– ’Worries’ Cultures Center Krosno 2017
– ’19th International Biennial of Small Graphic Forms’,
Tetevo Macedonia 2016

Prize in „Open 27” New Walk Muzeum Leicester 11.03.2016
„PANKA” award for the best MA diploma in Rzeszów