1987 r. Born in Jasło
Master of Art  2013 r. WSUR
Master of Graphic 2017 r.  ASP Kraków

I employ primordial forms to tell stories of the inmost nooks and crannies of the human psyche. Our minds carry records of early days of civilisation, entire sketches of how our consciousness has transformed. In his very nature, man has the potential to reach for the transcendent, to lose himself in material empiricism. Such are the scales whereon the perennial path to cognition evolves. I bring content as timeless as it is universal to all sentient human beings. Our knowledge of man and his capacities is amazingly humble when held against our technological development. I thus decided to follow the goal of attempting to even out all opportunities, the effort astoundingly essential in times of omnipresent fear of a catastrophic future. Aforementioned existential fear may only be replaced with strength we manage to find within ourselves. In today’s world, man is defined by his possessions rather than by what he feels or comprehends. On such level, we are incapable of developing any kind of permanent identity – while as a civilisation, we become exposed to multiple options of stimulation by new external attractors. Given today’s geopolitical issues, such circumstances are dangerous, to say the least. I harbour a modicum of hope that my artistic and research work will be conducive to expanding human consciousness, and thus affecting the human condition in our universe, however unassumingly. Consider this an invitation to scrupulously explore the space presented.



„Enlightnment” Ufo Art Gallery 2021
„Falling Wall” Hotel Cracovia 2021“Hydepark” Notional Museum of Cracov 2020
“ Od śladu do symbolu” Galeria Solvay Kraków 2020
“UNKNOWN’ ? ? ?“ UFO Art Gallery Kraków 2020
“ZEN” UFO Art Gallery Kraków 2020
“” 2019 ART ZONA Kraków
„Open 27” New Walk Muzeum Leicester 11.03.2016
„Flesh” Especialgallery, London 25.09.2015
“ Od śladu do symbolu” Galeria Solvay Kraków 2020
„13 Piątek” Art. Zona, Kraków 2015
„Przeczucie” Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Solvay Kraków luty 2014
„Nie(Pokoje)” Centrum Kultur Pogranicza Krosno syczeń 2014
Szóste Międzynarodowe Biennale Małej Formy Graficznej, Tetevo Macedonia 03.2013r.
Ogólnopolski przegląd dyplomów „Świeża Krew” Galeria Socato Wrocław 2013r.


Prize in „Open 27” New Walk Muzeum Leicester 11.03.2016

Wyróżnienie w Konkursie „PANKA” na najlepszy dyplom magisterski Rzeszów