The World is a Mysterious Place.

With that statement, life begins. Once we recognise the world as familiar, we condemn ourselves to a struggle for survival, interacting with something the boundaries and nature of which have been defined by others. Under such circumstances, we are mere “users of space”. Conversely, admitting deficiencies in knowledge breeds advances arising from curiosity and a desire to comprehend. Mystery gives rise to relations, developing space between the conscious and the unconscious, matter and void.

Levinas – relations between the Self and the Other.

Transcending space, energy and form is the main theme of my work. Within its vibration range, a wave produces the existence and recurrent dissolution of form. Reality quivers, each structure following its own vibration tempo, all of which allowing us to inhabit relatively stable ground. We are observers of a relentless cycle of life and death, blossoming and decline, symbolically occurring in each passing moment, time without end. Each moment is phenomenally unique, its cause-and-effect nature forcing us to approach reality as we would a neuronal network, in the wake of which we are exposed to successive algorithms of events.

The ritual nature of creation is enormously important to me, as is the process of inducing myself into a state of trance and meditation, wherein I become what I do. I enjoy confining myself to a created reality, often as not striving to craft a place sacral or mystical in nature. I like my works to interact with silence and space, sustaining proportions perfect for a personality to evolve within.