Beyond the self

Yesterday, the UFO Art Gallery held a meeting organised by Maria Ciborowska, with a focus on the upcoming Enlightenment exhibition, and artists’ approach to the topic. Themes varied: bitcoins, vaccinations, interpersonal relations, ecstasy and the creative process, through to shedding inhibitions, listening to one’s own intuition, and approaching art as one would a means of transportation into the inner self. Much could be deduced from the exchange, serious and flippant in equal measure. I was particularly struck by a context I had woken up with today: we had jointly agreed that progress happens once we discard predictable behaviour forced upon us by our own aesthetic and attempts to intellectualise our work. To be more specific, a painting happens once we shed restrictions of personal predictability and enter realms completely unknown, succumbing to fascination with a new world yearning for a clash with our obsolete structure… there you go. Of what? Of our own selves? Such was the sentence I woke up today with. This transpires wonderfully in the field of art, wherein it is much easier to embark upon the endeavour of restructuring personal values, submitting to redefinition, and rediscovering a completely new version of oneself. Art is closely connected to its creator, leaning towards the Self, staying in touch with the ego. We make little effort to subject our self-perception to a drastic clash of moving beyond personal definitions, cultural, upbringing and religious contexts, etc. I believe such transformation is open to anyone willing to enter and explore a world opening before them, let go of any ropes of self-control, and become immersed in profoundly individual life.
Enlightenment Meeting at the UFO Art Gallery
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Organiser: Maria Ciborowska
Participants: Maria Ciborowska, Radim Koros, Marcin Dymek, Grzegorz Siembida, Piotr Kolanko
Poza siebie (Beyond the Self), meeting at the UFO Art Gallery

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