The initial brutality of gesture is imbued with sensitivity. In creating the cycle, I am acting upon extraordinary intuition, which allows me to simultaneously capture violent and subtle phenomena. I am invariably interested in motion, transcension, change. In relations connecting macro- and micro-realities, assorted waves, stimuli and movements, all of which producing areas specific to themselves in an eerie hurtle of proprietary goals and interests. I am fascinated with the moment of one being evolving into another. Daily food intake is the most common exemplar of such exchange. While adequate, the microscopic world association is far from the only one. As a living being, man remains at the heart of macro- and micro-inspirations of the world, entwined in a system of geopolitical determinants he has created himself in the evolution process, producing proprietary waves and movements. Were we to observe the place we inhabit from such perspective, it would lose its stability. We would face a world overflowing with exoticism and phenomena brimming with life and destruction, the harmony of subsequent effects the only constant. The world is an avalanche of consecutions, consciousness – a fixed point of “Zen” observation.