ART – The Longest Journey

ART – The Longest Journey I named the series of my stories about art “Art – Longest Journey” in honor of the cult point & click game. You must play in this game 🙂 I have chosen to treat my friendship with a certain traveler as an excuse to think upon painting and art in general. Yesterday you told me that you appreciate my ability to concentrate and to fall into my own world. Today we are talking a little bit about decision making and choices which will later determine our lives. We all gaze, with a subtle sense of longing, at the lives of others, especially those who accomplish things. We think about what it would be like to be in all those situations. At the same time Experience different worlds. Quite a big field of art is settled in this exact, unsatisfied desire where the spectator becomes an actor in somebody else’s life. We enjoy observing others and, thanks to empathy, we transport ourselves to places otherwise unaccessible and sense the characters experiences which are really meant for others. Similarily I look at your journeys, though I know that my life is my conscious decision, you will teach


Piotr Kolanko

CEO Kwiaty Paproci
Master of Graphic ASP Kraków
Master of Art University Rzeszowski


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