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At the good beginning off

“What is this club, what is this place, my memories are vague (that’s what gives)”. I believe I am the first Polish painter-slash-blogger; at least this is how I see myself, as there exists no evidence to assume otherwise. This blog was born of a need to communicate complex content on visual art, life, and issues I am concerned with regarding philosophy, culture, and broadly defined depth psychology. I would like us to understand each other much better in daily life – hence my initiative to create an accord-friendly place. I am fully aware that the visual aspect is merely a sliver of the process I experience when I create and/or explore human nature – which is why I simply could not deny myself the pleasure of expanding the field for discussion. I wish for each of my addressees, or, to be precise, participants of our dialogue, to be equipped with tools allowing proper content consumption.


Piotr Kolanko

CEO Kwiaty Paproci
Master of Graphic ASP Kraków
Master of Art University Rzeszowski


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Piotr Kolanko Zawód Malarz Moonlight 100x80 mixed media 2020

ART – The Longest Journey (part2)

I think that the gates to openness, which stand on the road to self development, will sooner or later presnt themselves to those who follow the road. Of course, there...
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Piotr Kolanko Spotkanie Enlightenment w Ufo Art Gallery

Beyond the self

Yesterday, the UFO Art Gallery held a meeting organised by Maria Ciborowska, with a focus on the upcoming Enlightenment exhibition, and artists’ approach to the topic. Themes varied: bitcoins, vaccinations,...
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Piotr Kolanko-Najdalsza Podróż

ART – The Longest Journey

ART - The Longest Journey I named the series of my stories about art "Art - Longest Journey" in honor of the cult point & click game. You must play...
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