The Mystery

“Mystery” is a project of absolute “Environment”
of my creation, for which sculptures by Adrianna
Gajdziszewska were used. The project was
exhibited at the Hyde Park National Museum in
Creating a space is very common in my work and
essentially appears incessantly. All my workshops
eventually turn into one large “Environment”,
filled with the meaning and aesthetics of a particular
“Mystery” is an image of clashing forces, tensions,
and contrasts that, due to their polarization,
create reality. Vibrating tensions throw out subsequent
forms of reality, formulating dimensions,
shapes, and spaces. The relationship between
the surface, volume, space, and void is very
The work has a sensual, contemplative character;
as always, it balances between sophisticated
content and a subtle manner of expression. Such
a way of composing works is characteristic of my
artistic achievements.
“Mystery” tells about life, the world, people, about
our nature, which we often do not understand,
whose internal structure is contradictory and
devoid of simple logic. However, when looking
at civilizations, if we distance ourselves, we will
see that the world is driven by waves of opposing
ideas, striving for completion and self-definition,
and in the wave of these actions, various forms
arise, including us..

The Millions of Lives

Piotr Kolano Video The film addresses personal issues of transformation and introspection, “Kolanko” navigates through various experiences of self, identity problems, memory, and self-interpretation. It does not seek to find answers, but it connects with the viewer by connecting with itself. It searches for aspects of personality that have previously been unrecognized or remained as intuition and premonitions and gives them a language. The sparse, minimalist aesthetic of the imagery allows for a focus on the content while simultaneously transporting us into the world of observation seen through the author’s eyes. The images directly correspond with the text, often created during or immediately after writing the narrative. Kolanko employs contemporary aesthetics of films and reels to create works that are decidedly not them.

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Piotr Kolanko The Snakes

The Snakes

Technical Specifications:Snake dimensions: 3×3 m, height 1.5 m, weight 40kg all of tougher, oiled steel, profile 4×4.Concrete blocks and bricks symbolize residential construction. The three snake figures represent the most primitive and primal force of unconsciousness. As aptly noted by Juan Eduardo Cirlot, due to its origin, physiognomy, and habits, the snake may correspond to a greater diversity of symbolic concepts directly associated with it. For example, its undulating silhouette symbolizes the force of life, while its intricate movement has become a symbol of unsolved mysteries. The sudden and inexplicable appearances symbolize the untamed forces of unconsciousness that can seize control of human beings. The snake has always been an object of cult and fear, symbolizing invincible and eternal strength and the mysteries of life. The sculpture was created in 2024 and was exhibited in industrial spaces that already had a context of passing, the blending of the new and the old, and the representation of the snake as a guardian of secrets, hidden knowledge, and the proper order of things. This context can be reinstated in gallery spaces by adding bricks and concrete elements to the installation. Embedding the sculpture with symbols of the decay of the old world

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Piotr Kolanko The Window

The Window

Piotr Kolano Video It is a private story about the perception of touching and the window. The symbol of the window has a high position in my symbols rating.  This video is some kind of autoportrait, not only physical but also profound and transpersonal. 

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Piotr Kolanko Structure Of reality

“Structure of reality” Process

“Structure of Reality” is more a process than a finished work, resulting from the premonitions and intuitions I gathered while creating material on this subject. It’s a separate project I revisit several times a year, observing what changes within it, how it interacts with me, whether new contents emerge, or contexts are built upon. Writing an article about this process has rekindled my interest and provides another occasion to peer into the lion’s maw. Works in this field merge my interests in matter and rock with purely painterly issues such as color and trace. Naturally, as always in the process of creation, an entire symbolic layer emerges, encompassing experiences of war, change, libido, and sexuality. Change The initial brutality of the gesture is filled with sensitivity. In creating this cycle, I operate in a highly intuitive manner that allows me to simultaneously capture both violent and subtle phenomena. I remain interested in movement, penetration, and transformation. The relationships between macro and micro realities, various waves, influences, and currents that in their relentless pursuit of their own goals and interests forge areas unique to themselves. The moment when one entity becomes another fascinates me. Harmony? Scope As a living being, man

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